Many laundries, especially in older houses, are quite small as they are later additions to the main house. Historically laundries had been in the back shed or verandah, where large tubs could be heated. Now we are lucky to have largely automated the clothes cleaning process it's nice to have an efficient and pleasant laundry to spend time in. Here are some ways to make the most of a small laundry. 

Fold down (or pull out) sorting benches and ironing boards

Rather than having to store ironing boards and permanently losing space for sorting benches it can be useful to have boards and tables that can be stored against the wall and flipped down while in use, or pulled out of the wall from an internal storage space. That way there is still plenty of room to move in the laundry when the tables and boards are stored away but they are still there when needed. 

Mounting brackets for washers and dryers

Using a front loader dryer and washing machine, mounted on top of each other, is another good way to minimise the space required in the laundry. It can be tempting to just rest the appliances on top of each other but this can result in loud noises as the devices vibrate in use, as well as limiting the air flow around each appliance. It's a good idea to get some proper mounting brackets installed to get the appliances installed properly. 

Storage space

A smartly designed storage cupboard can help you to keep the cleaning and stain removing items out of the way, in a safe and attractive way. You can also use the storage space to store other items such as dryer sheets. If you have small children you might like to make this a lockable cabinet to keep the cleaning items out of the way.

Retractable hanging space

Another useful item in a laundry can be retractable hanging space, similar to the retractable wires and mountings often seem in hotel bathrooms. This can be left coiled when not in used. It can then be strung out and used to hang and air dry damp woolen items, items that cannot be tumbled dried and wet weather gear that you want to take off before you go enter the house. This saves the need to store and use space hogging hanging trees.  

Doing a laundry renovation in your house can transform your laundry from a poky and unpleasant space to a useful part of your home with the use of some space saving plans.