If you custom-build cabinetry during a kitchen remodel, you have the freedom to create whatever you want. But with so many choices, it can be hard to know where to start. To help, here is an outline of door finish options and kitchen island considerations for your custom cabinets.


The cabinetry will have a major say in the appearance of your new kitchen, and one of the main aspects to consider is the door. Many doors use MDF inside, but this core can be finished differently. 2Pac doors are sprayed with acrylic paint and hardener, for example. The hardener chemically reacts with the paint, creating a silky smooth finish. Another option is vinyl-wrapped doors. These have been covered in vinyl and heat-treated, melding the vinyl to the doors. Or else, you could opt for laminate doors made of MDF covered in rigid plastic sheets.

2Pac doors give a luxurious finish, and you have plenty of colour options, as you do with wall paints. Vinyl offers faux wood and other finishes. And laminate comes in plenty of colours and designs too. But you can often see the seams along the edges, where the laminate strips meet.

Glass Doors

You don't need to use the same finish for all the doors. You could add accent glass-panelled doors to selected upper custom cabinets to prevent monotony. You could install doors with several glass panels, like mullioned windows in a classic kitchen. Or else, install upper doors with a smooth sheet of frosted glass for a modern look.

Kitchen Island

Whether your kitchen has space for a kitchen island depends on its proportions and size. But if you decide to install a custom island, you need to work out its primary purpose. Do you want extra seating for entertaining? If so, it will require an overhang, room for stretched-out legs and elbow space. Work out how many seats you want, and don't cram them too tightly.

Do you want the island for extra benchtop space for food preparation, or do you want a hot plate installed so you can cook on it? Once you work out your priorities, you can start to plan what you want to include.

You'll also need ample room to move about the island. If you like a lot of free floor space and have enough countertops already, you might forego the island. Bear in mind that if you install a hot plate and a sink, you'll have to connect electricity and plumbing to the island, adding to the cost.