An arch shape has a beautiful, timeless contour. It's a shape that is within the architecture of classic ancient buildings and modern structures alike. Why not make use of this shape when renovating your bathroom? Here are several ideas on how to incorporate it into the design.


Mirrors provide a relatively easy way for you to use an arch. You could fit one large arched mirror over the vanity unit or put two smaller mirrors side by side. By repeating their unique shape, you draw attention to them.

Also, consider the proportions of the arch shape. Many arch mirrors are taller than they are wide, mimicking a door shape, which gives them an elegant look. But for something different, you could choose an arch-shaped mirror that is wider than it is long. Imagine using only the top half of a traditional arch, which will give you an interesting take on an arched mirror. You can also choose a mirror with an ornate border along the top, so it doesn't form a smooth round shape.

Another consideration is the frame finish. It could be steel that is powder coated in a matte black, or it could use shimmering brass. You can also choose from backlit led lighted mirrors. The lighting emphasises the arch even further.


An idea that requires more construction than fitting a mirror is installing an arched window. Whether this will suit your bathroom will depend on your house's architecture and style. But a window provides a stunning way to highlight an attractive arch design.

The window could have mullioned panes in white or black. You could place it behind a freestanding bath or above a vanity unit. For a striking effect, if you have a private garden outside, you may be able to construct an arched window in the shower.

If you don't want a curved window opening in the wall, you have another way of building the arch into a rectangle window. You can do this with a stained-glass or frosted-glass design that features arches.


You could also build an arched shower enclave during your bathroom renovations. This way, you integrate the shape into the room itself. A tiled wall blocks the shower, which has an arched opening. Once you walk under the arch into the shower, the roof and walls are square, so only the entrance is arched. For a more unusual effect, the entire ceiling area of the enclave could be rounded into an arch shape.

You also have less dramatic ways to add an arch to a shower design. You could feature a recessed storage niche in the shape of an arch. To highlight this area and make it a feature, use a different colour inside the niche. Another idea, if you have a glass shower, is to fit screens with a frosted design that features arch shapes.

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