A rustic kitchen provides a cosy space to hang out at home. It's full of natural elements and earthy colours that evoke the outdoors. Here are several elements to consider incorporating into a rustic decor during your kitchen renovations.

Timber Cabinetry and Flooring

Timber is at the heart of a rustic kitchen. You could install wood cabinets, stained to bring out their unique knots and grains. Shaker-style doors have a raised border and a recessed centre panel, which adds visual interest without being too ornate or fussy.

You can also lay timber floorboards, which come in various light and dark shades. If you want to avoid wooden flooring in the kitchen, opt for engineered planks with a plywood centre and a hardwood veneer. These boards are more stable and resilient than solid-wood ones. Finally, you could incorporate timber beams on the ceiling or fit a rough-hewn wooden shelf or mantlepiece.

Stone Countertops

A rustic kitchen feels akin to nature, and a stone benchtop fits perfectly with this aesthetic. You could opt for marble, granite, soapstone or travertine. Marble can be more reactive to spills than other types of stone. If you want a sturdy counter that you don't have to fuss over, you might prefer granite. Regardless of which stone you install, you'll need to seal it regularly, as recommended.

You'll have a wide array of colour choices, including ivory, pink, charcoal, beige, brown, white and black. These rock hues can be vibrant, but always with an earthy touch. You could incorporate stone in other areas as well. For example, lay stone floor tiles or build a stone veneer feature wall.

Apron Sink

The sink is an important element in a rustic kitchen. Rather than selecting a stainless steel design, which tends to look modern, you might consider an apron sink. These models have a front panel that gives the cabinetry a distinctive charm. Plus, they're usually relatively large, which makes washing up pots and pans easy.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights in simple designs using glass, metal and wood are another ingredient in a rustic kitchen. You can hang them over an island or dining table to decorate the room while allowing you to see clearly as you prepare food, read, or study. You can opt for a black metal finish or choose a fluted glass design depending on the overall room decor. Some rustic styles are more traditional, while others have a rough-and-ready appeal, so select light fixtures that complement your interpretation of this kitchen style. 

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