A kitchen renovation is a project that requires a homeowner to strike a balance between the big picture issues, such as the layout, and the details, such as which appliances to add or remove. One of the additions that you may consider making is a pot filler. This article discusses what you need to know in order to decide whether or not a pot filler would be a good addition to your kitchen.

What a Pot Filler Is

A pot filler is a faucet with a long jointed arm. This faucet is mounted over the stove in your kitchen. The long arm can be swung out in order to fill a pot with water as you cook. This faucet is usually connected to the cold water supply line in your kitchen.

Its Advantages

It eliminates the need to carry water from the sink. Imagine how tired you would be if you had to keep carrying large pots of water from the kitchen sink as you prepare a meal for your guests during the holiday season. Those nearly endless trips to the sink would leave your back aching at the end of the day. The pot filler ensures that you don't have to take a step if you need water during the cooking process because water is available right where you need it.

The kitchen will be less messy. Another problem that can come with the necessity of getting water from the sink is that spills onto the floor are almost inevitable. Each trip that you make to the kitchen sink may leave the floor wetter. This can pose slip and fall hazards in addition to increasing the work that you have to do to clean up the kitchen after you have finished cooking. A pot filler saves you from that added work and its risks.

Its Drawbacks

Grease can accumulate on it. You may need to do more cleaning if you install a pot filler in your kitchen. This is because the faucet is likely to collect grease as you cook.

The cooking stove may be damaged. The location of the pot filler (on the splashback above the stove) can expose the stove to moisture damage. This can occur in case the faucet starts leaking and the water drips onto the hot stove. You can reduce this risk by selecting a faucet with two valves so that water does not drip once the faucet is turned off.

It is wise to contact a kitchen renovation professional before you purchase a pot filler for your kitchen. That expert will guide you through the other factors, such as the best style, that you need to consider so that you make the best choice.