About to renovate your bathroom? Still using the same showerhead that was attached when you moved in 10 years ago? You might want to think about using this opportunity to add a high-pressure showerhead.

As you might have guessed, a high-pressure showerhead increases water flow to deliver a stronger spray. Here are just a few reasons why you should add one to your bathroom.

1. Saves Water and Money

The great thing about high-pressure showerheads is that they increase spray pressure without needing to use more water. Most modern high-pressure showerheads use built-in air injection for a significantly stronger flow. When you use a low-pressure showerhead, water tends to pour out over a longer time. Fitting a high-pressure showerhead can help save water and help cut down on your monthly bills.

2. Saves Time

Sometimes it's nice to simply stand luxuriating in the shower and enjoying the heat. Unfortunately, showers often need to be as quick as possible so you can get out to work in the morning or make your evening date. High-pressure showers can actually speed up your showering time since the stronger spray will blast suds from your skin and product from your hair much faster than a low-pressure shower. That means less time wasted and no more wondering if you've washed all the shampoo and conditioner out of your hair.

3. Prevents Clogs

This probably isn't something you want to know about your low-pressure shower head: they can be a breeding ground for bacteria. The problem is that water doesn't run through low-pressure showerheads hard or fast enough to wash any bacteria away, so clogs can develop. You're also likely to find calcium build-ups within a low-pressure showerhead, especially if you live somewhere with hard water. High-pressure showerheads run too hard and fast for bacteria or mineral build-ups to become a problem, so you'll be showering safer.

4. Feels Better and Cleans Better

Finally, keep in mind that high-pressure showers simply feel better. The flow of water won't be hard enough to sting or cause discomfort, but it will be strong enough to feel gently soothing across your body. When you step out of a shower fitted with a high-pressure showerhead, you should feel perfectly relaxed. Of course, a stronger blast of water is also better at cleaning you than a soft jet of water, so your skin should feel fresh and revitalised when you're done.

For more information, contact a local expert in shower renovations.