Which type of tile flooring suits your taste? Most homeowners like using tiles on their floors. The reason behind this preference is the durability and low maintenance costs of tiles. Tiles are highly resilient regarding wear and stains. Thanks to their strength, tiles require little maintenance. However, before you make your choice, read on to understand the various types of tile flooring. 

1. Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are available in a variety of sizes, colours, shapes, textures and finishes. They are comprised of thin clay slabs. Ceramic tiles are perfect for the bathroom and kitchen since they are durable and straightforward to clean. They are also nonporous; therefore, they inhibit the growth of bacteria.

2. Terrazzo tiles

The manufacture of this tile involves exposing marble chips in concrete and polishing to a smooth finish. Terrazzo tiles are shiny and appealing. Most homeowners and public buildings use this tile since it lasts long and you can refinish it multiple times. Talk to a remodelling contractor before installing terrazzo tiles in your home since they are slippery.

3. Stone tiles

Marble stone offers long-term utility and exists in a surfeit of colours due to component minerals variability. Marble tiles have a multitude of finishes such as polished, brushed, honed and tumbled. This feature makes marble suitable for all interior spaces in the house. Moreover, being natural stones, these tiles improve the aesthetic value of your home.

Granite tiles have an aesthetic appeal and offer long-term utility. They are available in a wide variety of styles and colours. Moreover, they are moisture-resistant.

4. Travertine

Limestone is available in several types, like travertine. Travertine exists as a byproduct of hot springs. In the formation process, the minerals in the travertine merge, creating a unique character, collection and pattern. If you are looking for a unique floor pattern, then your best choice would be the travertine tiles.

5. Linoleum tiles

Linoleum tiles are the most compelling alternative for your bathroom or kitchen. These tiles can repel dirt and dust while maintaining their texture and colour. They are easy to install and incredibly versatile. Linoleum will match any style of decoration.

Regardless of the type of tile, they are all eco-friendly, non-allergenic, water-resistant and require minimum maintenance. Tiles are also hygienic, but how do you make your choice from the various types of tiles? Ensure the features of each tile match the style, size, utility and budget of the intended installation space.

For more information on tiles, such as Southern Cross tiles, contact a remodeling contractor.