Planning a new kitchen involves piecing together various colours and textures over the splashback, countertops and cupboards. With so many possibilities, it can be hard to know where to start. Consider the following ways to approach this issue.

Focus on the Splashback

You may have encountered a beautiful splashback that you love. For example, you might want to install a striking red or green glass splashback. In that case, you could start with that feature and then select a countertop and cupboards to support it and not take centre stage. This approach will help narrow your choices and provide criteria for the cabinets and benchtop — they'll need to harmonise with and not overwhelm the glass.

Prioritise the Benchtop

A gorgeous benchtop could provide an alternative starting point. For example, you might desire a speckled piece of granite to create a sophisticated look in the kitchen. Thus, you'll need to choose a splashback and cupboards to match. You could pull hues out of the speckled pattern and use those for other components. For example, you could pull yellow, cream or beige from the stone, depending on the particular slab.

Benchtops typically offer fewer design choices than splashbacks, which provide a wide array of colours and materials. So starting with the countertop makes sense, as it will be easier to find a splashback to flatter the benchtop than to match the counter to the splashback.

Create Harmony

An all-white kitchen consists of similar tones over various surfaces. This consistency invokes an open and spacious sense of flow as similar hues continue across the room. If you plan for this design, your choices are narrowed as you only need to choose the primary colour, be it cream, beige or grey, for example.

Thus, while it can be hard to know where to start when choosing the components for new kitchens, you can take an ordered approach by deciding which element to begin with. You could start with a splashback that you love, which will narrow your choice of surrounding components. Alternatively, you might have your heart set on a lovely piece of stone, which helps by offering up possible hues for the other elements. Of course, a uniformly toned kitchen is another appealing option. Fortunately, you only need to choose the primary shade, which will help bind other choices. The benefits of similar tones are that your kitchen will feel larger and more expansive. Reach out to a professional to discuss your kitchen needs.